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Patrick Messenger : Patrick has been around and involved with dogs for most his life. During grade school, he began with training his families’ dogs in leash and collar techniques and beginners agility classes. After college, he traveled around the States without a dog for 2 years and began to realize that he was missing out on his true passion…  He landed in Louisville, KY and found himself with 2 loving pups so he started his search for the perfect dog training position. After training in Charlotte, NC, the hub for everything Dog Wizard, he came back to Louisville, the city he loves, to help all of mans best friends!


IMG_1899Greg Bloomfield : I am an ambitious 26 year old who grew up in Mt Morris, MI, a small town just north of Flint, MI, which was an area I was happy to escape once I graduated high school. I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Central Michigan University, and a week after graduating I moved to Charlotte, NC with high hopes of a bright future.

Upon my arrival in Charlotte, with no job lined up, I began working at a dog daycare to generate some income while I pursued a career in law enforcement that never came to fruition. I knew that I loved dogs before starting, having grown up with several, but after a few short weeks I found a whole new level of passion for them. I continued there for nearly a year and a half before leaving for a position in hospitality, followed by a couple jobs in sales, of which nothing seemed to be what I was meant to do. All the while I was working elsewhere I maintained the disposition of wanting to spend more time around dogs, and eventually found my way back into the line of work at another daycare.

At that point I was recognizing a desire to have a more positive influence on the lives of the dogs that I see every day beyond being just a babysitter. There were many a time where I tried to spend one-on-one time with special dogs to address minor behavioral struggles, but the environment and facility didn't allow for much progress. With my background and desire to help not only the dogs but also their family, I believed I had a positive outlook on being a successful dog trainer for a long time.

I began researching The Dog Wizard and was lucky enough to already live in the same city as the headquarters where I would be able to begin my training. I then decided to take the next step and pursue what I had such a drive to be successful with, and was offered the chance to follow my passion to Louisville, KY. Since joining the team, I have never been more satisfied with what I spend my time doing, as I see how much of an impact I can have on not only enhancing the quality of life for all dogs, but helping their owners achieve the relationship they want with their furry family members!

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Andy Martin : I grew up in rural Ohio, always having at least one dog as a family pet. In the 4th grade I convinced my parents to let me get my own dog on the stipulation that I train him through 4-H. This was my introduction to dog training and mostly focused on leash and collar, a reliable and time tested method.After moving around and trying my hand at many different things, I noticed one thing remained constant... Friends and acquaintances seemed to come to me, often, with questions about their dogs. Offering what knowledge I had, I soon realized I needed to learn more to actually help people communicate with their dogs better and live happier lives together. I was lucky enough to be directed to The Dog Wizard Academy where I not only learned more about dogs and dog training, but also got the hands on experience working with many different breeds and temperaments. As the newest member of the Louisville Dog Wizard I continue and learn and grow as a trainer, enriching people's lives by improving their relationships with their dogs.

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Amy Campbell : Amy is a recent transplant to Charlotte, and The Dog Wizard is very lucky to have her on the team! Amy has a very important role with being the first point of contact for Dog Wizard clients. She helps manage the day-to-day needs, phone calls, and appointments which she does flawlessly. The best part about her job is not only getting to talk with clients about their dogs but also having her rescue mutt, Winston, hang out with her all day! We would be lost without her.


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Noelle Woodhead : Noelle has been part of The Dog Wizard family since she started her path as a trainer in Charleston SC in 2012. After 5 years in the Lowcountry and 4 years of helping dogs and their owners to have a better life, it was time to get back to her roots in New Jersey. It was a tough decision not to be hands on with owners and their dogs but now as the office manager she gets to continue to be part of the wizard family and clients lives! Her first hand knowledge of the training side adds a huge benefit to the day to day operations in the office. It helps us be more efficient, creating processes to help better our clients experience as she understands our clients needs that much more! Whether you are a first time caller or a current client, Noelle’s passion for canine’s and their people exudes from the moment you start talking to her. She has an unending love for her three dogs Lexi, Trinity and her newest addition Huckleberry as well as the man that stands by her side, Evan. Noelle is focusing on field trial obedience with Huckleberry and has the pleasure of frequenting the river with the dogs and exploring the beautiful trails and landscape of The Garden State.

The “Award Winning Dogs”

Emmie : Emmie is a 7 year old Pit mix. My girlfriend, Katie, adopted her as a puppy. She’s lived in many different cities, swam in Lake Michigan, enjoys fishing and running around on farms, and gives better kisses than most people.

Oscar: Oscar is a 3 year old Border Collie mix. Katie and I rescued Oscar from the Kentucky Humane Society in 2012. Oscar started out as a very shy and nervous pup with separation anxiety. Between Katie, Emmie, and I, we were able to turn him around and make him realize that life is much better outside of the puppy mill. Oscar displays his affection with the BEST hugs you’ve ever received.

Razzy : Razzy is a 2 year old Puggle (Beagle/Pug mix) We rescued her from a foster home in Cincinnati in may 2013. She is one of the most loving dogs you’ll ever meet and whenever someone meets her, they want to take her home. Our goal is to have Razzy one day become a certified Therapy Dog.